Dora Kovacs became a member of the Budapest Bar in 2008.


The firm has successfully completed numerous mandates representing both individuals and legal entities over the last decade.


As the head of the Dora Kovacs Law firm, I strive to provide our clients with superior quality legal services adapted to their particular needs - and I mostly work in the field of criminal law.


Besides completing classic criminal defence tasks, I also undertake victim representation. A large number of my clients are victims of procedures. They incurred damages due to the misuse of power on behalf of bodies exercising public authority (e.g. police) or by employees of such an organisation (e.g. prison guard).


Our firm also takes representation in procedures before the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) aiming for compensation in prolonged criminal procedures and violations of human rights suffered during imprisonment.


The employees of Dora Kovacs Law firm have prepared more than 100 purchase contracts and more than 500 mergers and acquisitions  transactions.


In addition, the Dora Kovacs Law firm provides legal representation to our clients in procedures subject to the civil and labour code.

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