Dora Kovacs Law Firm provides its clients representation in proceedings aiming compensation for damages caused by public authority bodies  during exercising of power.


Victims of bodies exercising public authority only rarely dare to stand up to authority as a tortfeasor.


The Civil Code regulates compensation against judgments finding someone's guilt as a result of the courts erroneous interpretation of the law, compensation which may occur in the context of police inaction due to preserving and issuing movable property (whether high-value vehicles, computer equipment) seized during criminal proceedings, compensation for damage caused by land registry clerks mistakes during illegal entry of ownership or compensation for the illegal seizure of bailiffs and such procedures.


Fewer people are affected, still damage caused to prisoners deprived of their liberty considered to be as of procedures exercising public power, but prisoners are even more vulnerable in such a procedures.


Many people fail to get compensation because of missing deadlines for damage or improper title of redress. Our office gives a help since we have succeeded in similar cases of dozens of our clients so far.

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