Many think it inconceivable to become a suspect in criminal proceedings, but the Criminal Code named more than 300 crimes that in many cases can also be committed carelessly, which immediately implies the initiation of criminal proceedings against them.


We've all heard police officers acting in American films warn the person subject to the proceedings of his rights i.e. the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you, the right to an attorney, yet suspects often make the mistake of not choosing a defence lawyer at the time the proceeding was initiated and the lack of knowledge of their rights causes even bigger trouble.


Our office members can represent our clients at full discretion at all stages of criminal proceedings, which means accompanying and representing clients during a confession, working out the best strategy to defend clients, gathering necessary documents in case of coercive measures in order to facilitate the release, gathering relevant evidences,  providing high level defence in court with the knowledge of relevant court decisions and legislation.

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